My recommendation to this place! 5 💥💥💥💥💥 stars for: Delicious food. Great Manager service and Chinese atmosphere from 1960’s. You can feel like in Chinatown from 1960’s
..Great idea to put the clients into the timewarp
Remember!: Those People there, are not from our timezone / planet. So, respect their culture!!!
… absolutely must experience this place on your Perth Discoverer map!
Starters; On the table:
except ( salt and pepper), but if you will ask for: soya sauce and chilli and this and that, service will bring everything, quick, quick!!! That’s the point of service there! Do not forget that!
Sorry didn’t check the toilets…can’t tell anything about that issue…and one more thing… Water -it’s free but , maybe think about Chinese tea to order( cheap and water doesn’t smell fluor so much” …after all. Let’s think that: it’s a part of this magic adventure in FORTUNA!! Dress like: from the time “love story” movie and take a time to get use to this atmosphere in Fortuna;-). I love it!!💔